Creative Process

From a photo…

Audra starts by sifting through her collection of photos from places and moments from her life. The subjects of the photos are often cities, buildings, or other man-made themes. She focuses on compositions that have interesting shapes and patterns, rich colors, or interesting lines.

…to a digital design…

Using photo editing software, she starts refining the composition. She adds and removes parts of the image, changes the angles of lines, and manipulates the contrast and color. Her work is a balance between abstract and realism. She further refines the pieces using an illustration program, turning the piece into a mosaic of simplified vector shapes.

…to a final painting.

For her digital prints, this is the end of the process. For paintings, she uses this digital image as the reference image for painting. She often experiments with the surface of her paintings, using gels and pastes to build up the canvas. She primarily uses heavy body acrylics, dragging the paint along the canvas to create ridges of color that form the boundaries between shapes.

The final product is a piece of art that is equal parts photography, graphic design, and fine art.