An Art Exhibit by Audra Meckstroth

April 9 – May 1 // Arches Gallery // Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton Virginia

Backdrop” features elemental and contemporary landscapes, cityscapes, and street scenes from the artist’s life and travels. This collection includes digital art collages, acrylic paintings, and interactive digital media as vehicles to create shared memories between artist and viewer, and illustrates how much of who we are comes from the spaces we craft around us. Our backdrop. 

About the Artist

People are at the foundation of Meckstroth’s latest body of work. Starting from years spent drawing the human form, she now captures the essence of people by focusing on the spaces around them. She selectively removes the boundaries between objects, simplifies details, and amplifies color to achieve a bold, semi-abstract effect. 

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, Meckstroth moved to the DC metro region as a young child. As a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and the University of Maryland, she has established a career as a creative director for associations, nonprofits, and educational institutions. 

Artist Statement

I accept the environments we create to be the truest reflection of who we are. My fascination with people compels me to paint contemporary landscapes and street scenes that often depict natural and manmade elements. My aim is to portray people in a way that removes the individual. Painting a building is to hint at the unseen people living and working in that space and the anonymous teams of people who planned, designed, and built these structures. 

My work is semi-abstract. I test the line between tension and harmony in my use of color and composition. There are recognizable forms mixed with completely abstract elements. I liken it to finding recognizable shapes in clouds, empowering the viewer to fill in the gaps with their unique perspective.