Backdrop: Holly

Holly | Ceramic Sculpture, Painted Acrylic Finish, 13″ x 28″ x 9″

Mixed Media: Combining Sculpture with Digital Art

In this piece, the artist creates a portable art experience. In the gallery, next to the ceramic sculpture of a woman, sits a stack of cards with different scenes. The viewer scans a card with their smartphone and a miniature, virtual sculpture pops up in augmented reality.

Holly, Puerto Rico | Interactive Experience Using Digital Art, 3D Virtual Model, Printed Card, 5″ x 5″

The background of the sculpture changes based on the art on the card. With this piece, the artist hopes to show how the environment around the bust affects how the sculpture is perceived and experienced.

Experience it

  1. Download the free Adobe Aero App on your smartphone
  2. Take a card and point your smartphone camera at the image
  3. Click the link below to launch the AR