“Backdrop” Exhibit

April 9 – May 1 | Arches Gallery | Workhouse Arts Center

“Backdrop” features elemental and contemporary landscapes, cityscapes, and street scenes from the artist’s life and travels. This collection includes digital art collages, acrylic paintings, and interactive digital media as vehicles to create shared memories between artist and viewer, and illustrates how much of who we are comes from the spaces we craft around us. Our backdrop. 

“The ideas I’ve brought to the show are meant to show my inspiration. The pieces of my surroundings that become paintings, and how they fit with my memories and photos of places and experiences.”

Exhibit Highlights

City Lights, Cincinnati

Video projected over digital art


Acrylic painting, video, and 3D graphics

Stairs, London

Acrylic painting, video, and 3D graphics


Ceramic, acrylic, 3D graphics, digital art